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Medicinal and therapeutic uses of magnets and essential oils

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

Hey all,

Thought I was going into labor last night, but still no turkey. Thank goodness because today’s program was pretty interesting.

I’ve heard for years that magnets and an excellent source of essential oils can be very therapeutic for one’s body and mind. Recently my sister, Fudge, brought in a high quality magnet line, as well as a truly therapeutic essential oil line…the same line that is used professionally in Europe by doctors and therapists there. We discussed both on today’s program.

First the magnets. When Fudge came back from California last month she was wearing this beautiful stylish bracelet. I thought she had gone to Nordstroms as she usually does when she visits CA and bought this expensive bracelet which I had every intention to borrow the next time I got myself all gussied up. I was surprised when she said, “No I got this from the health food convention….and it’s a magnet”. Well we now have a beautiful supply of magnetic jewelry at the Ala Moana Vim N’ Vigor that you women must check out. We also carry wrist bands, insoles, back support and pads for you men, and women like me that hardly dress up. Listen to today’s program to find out how magnets can help you.

Our next guest helped educate me on essential oils. Not all esential oils are created equal, and this particular line uses part of the only 5% of truly effective, oils that are used for therapy. Pick up an Oshandi guide at the Ala Moana store to see how essental oils can help you.

Listen Now:

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