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The amazing, interesting, foot detoxing therapy

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Back in 2006 my sister Keriann sent my other sister, Fudge, and I to test this machine that helps the body to detox through negative ions released by a machine into warm water and seems to ‘pull’ or ‘draw out’ bodily toxins.  It was so amazingly visual recognizing all the gunk that comes out of our body into the water after just half an hour of treatment.  Immediately I knew this was something we needed to bring more awareness to our customers.  I consulted the opinions of a few of the doctors that come on my radio program about the validity of this detox therapy, and decided I wanted to do it in the store.

After listening to this program, if it sounds like something you’d like to try, call the Ala Moana store at 808-955-3600 and make an appointment.  We now have 3 machines, so space availability is excellent.  My other 2 sisters have been visiting from the mainland and they are down there it seems every other day detoxing away…….have fun.  Remember to ask about the frequent foot therapy card.

Have fun soaking….Sherrie