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DR. K is back and he has a new and improved Limu Nei for us

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Boy,  I sure hope people other than my sister, Fudge, are reading these posts and listening to the radio programs…..dang these posts take a lot of time and brain power.  Did you know you can leave me a comment and I’ll read them?  Please only positive things, though, my ego is fragile.

Anyways, this program that I had with Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith was wonderful…well, let me re-phrase, this product that Dr. K is teaching us about in today’s program is wonderful.  He had taken an already effective product (Limu Nei)  and added acetyl-l-carnitine and Zeolite to bring us something that works on cleaning out heavy metals, helps with cell to cell communication, and a host of other wonderful health benefits.

Happy listening,


Me and my sis, talking about “what’s happening” at Vim N’ Vigor

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Hi all,

Do you guys remember that show from I think the 70’s called, “What’s Happening”?  There was a guy named Roger, and a Re run, and the sister was Dee.  I can’t believe I remember all of their names and I can’t even remember the names of some people that worked for us 10  years ago.  Just last week a young lady comes into the Ala Moana store and I say, “man, you look familiar” and she says, “Sherrie, I used to work here”….good thing I don’t get embarrassed easily because that would have been a good time to get embarrassed.

In today’s show my guest did not call in, so Fudge and I had an impromptu radio program together.  We talked about the upcoming free seminars which I’ll list here:

March 21 Detox and Cleansing seminar with certified nutritionist Edith Kazmierczak..12:30pm.
April 3 Raw food demo from 11-1 with a raw food class from 6-8 pm.   Guest speaker is Chef Sharynne flying in from Las Vegas.

Both classes are free and will be held at the Waimalu Vim N’ Vigor.  Please call 484-4787 so we can get a head count and make sure we have enough chairs.

I can’t remember what else Fudge and I talked about, but it will be fun to have this show recorded for all perpetuity (we used that word a lot on today’s program).  So in 50 years when either Fudge or I die, and we start missing the other, we can always come back and listen to our radio show together :)

Please make use of these classes that we are offering to all of you….otherwise, we won’t do them anymore :)


Little known Omega 7 may be just as important as those other more “Famous” fatty acids, 3-6-9.

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Boy was I in the dark!

My sister, Hot Fudge, brought in a new product from New Chapter called “Omega 7″  months ago.  I never bothered to read the bottle to find out what it was for, I just thought it was their fancy name for their brand of fish oils.  But, No…..this Omega 7 is a totally different class of Omega’s and although I am taking a good quality fish oil, extra DHA  and Krill Oil…I’m not getting any Omega 7.

Omega 7 helps to strenghthen the mucousol membranes of our body.  This includes the throat, GI tract, and the urogenital tract.  It slows down internal and skin aging and helps to stimulate the regenesis of new skin cells.  So, if you suffer from skin issues such as ROSACEA, wrinkies, burns, eczema, or psoriasis, Omega 7 is meant for you.

Omega 7 is also indicated for the GI tract.  So if you suffer from ulcers, perforations caused by inflammation, diverticulitis, chron’s disease, sensitive colon, or any other stomach and colorectal issue, do your homework and see if Omega 7 can benefit you.

As for urogenital issues, he made it sound like vaginal dryness in post-menopausal women are a thing of the past with the use of Omega 7.

Yolanda over at the Ala Moana store has been using it and she loves it….although I can’t really get her to pinpoint why she loves it so I tease her and say, “ohh, it stopped your vaginal dryness, huh?”  She said, “No, I don’t have that problem!”  She didn’t think it was funny :)   Obviously, I still think it is :)

We also briefly touched on a product that was previously named “Smoke Shield” and is now their antioxidant product.  Anyone who smokes, or is concerned about lung cancer will appreciate the information he shares with us at the end.

This program is definitely worth listening to…even though I can’t stand to listen to myself on these programs, I may have to listen to it as well.


An amazing testimony from an amazing customer–Ku’ulei

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Hello HealthSmart listeners,

I re-played today’s program because it is not only one of my favorites, but it has helped so many listeners understand that supplements CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  And even now, a year later, people are still coming into Vim N’ Vigor to pick up the products Ku’ulei spoke about in this program.

About 9 years ago, she was so ill, she was house bound and could barely make it to her bathroom.  She spent most of the day lying in bed and so she would listen to my radio program as we talked about Immune Tree colostrum.  “What do I have to lose?” she thought to herself and sent a friend to Vim N’ Vigor to pick up 3 bottles of colostrum.  Why 3 bottles? Because at that time we were offering a money back guarantee that after using 3 bottles consecutively if you didn’t feel a difference, bring it back…Well Ku’ulei never got her money back, and 9 years later she is still taking colustrum.  You’ll hear why in this program.

Now I thought she was just going to talk about colostrum, was I surprised when she started talking about how she was rushed to Honolulu for emergency eye surgery due to a detached retina…and how her eyesight is better now than before the surgery…which her doctors told her was impossible.  And how…..well, listen to the program if you want to hear more :)

Till tomorrow…


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Femal from Flora helping female hormonal problems by nourishing the endocrine system

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Back in July 2007, I did this radio show with Chantal Bruce from New Chapter.  She has since gotten married and is pregnant with a son.  She shared a personal story with me regarding this Femal product that is not in this radio broadcast that I hope she does not mind me sharing with you (Chantal, if you  object, let me know and I’ll take it out).  Anyways, she had been on the birth control pill for decades because of irregular bleeding as a youth, and was concerned about being able to conceive because of the birth control pills.  So she started taking FEMAL  which is Scandinavia’s number on selling formula distributed in the states from Flora, Inc…the same company that brings us the wonderul Flor Essence detox program and Udo’s Oils.  And within a few months…baby blooming!!!

Femal is a clinically proven natural alternative to HRT without hormones, phytoestogens, or soy and works by supporting, nourishing, and boosting the endocrine system.  While many women going through menopause will be interested in FEMAL, it is also for women with PMS symptoms as well.

Chantal does an excellent job explaining how FEMAL works and I know when my “Change of Life” time comes, I’m going to sail through it with MACA and FEMAL.

Goodbye hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats…