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Fighting cancer, all cysts, and heart disease with Vitalzyme

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Wow! Can you believe it’s been 4 months since I posted my last blog? I can, since my son is now 4 months old and I’ve been pretty busy with him, visiting family members, and life in general. It’s a good thing I don’t have a boss, or surely I would have been fired by now.

Today’s show was very informative and interesting, but I’m sure you folks are more interested in my personal life first :) The turkey hatched exactly 4 months ago weighing in at 8pounds. Although he is my third child in 4 1/2 years, I still had to push for over 2 hours because he was facing upwards. But boy is he worth it. He is an adorable little boy now weighing 14 1/2 pounds, white skin, big eyes, and a smile to die for. This little guy is also very strong. He was starting to hold his head up at 2 weeks, and has a grip that surprises anyone that he gets a hold of. He’s also very attached to me already. At 2 weeks old he would cry, cry, cry, but as soon as I took him from whomever was holding him, he would stop instantly.

My daughter, Calista, just turned 5 last week and has started kindergarten at Sacred Hearts Academy. She loves it there, thanks mostly to her amazing teacher, Mrs. Campbell. If any of you have a little girl and are wondering where to send her to school, I highly suggest Sacred Hearts, and make sure you ask for Mrs. Campbell. My mother, my sisters, and myself all graduated from there and it’s even better now than it was back then. They start accepting girls from age 3.

My son, Daniel, is still at Kilohana pre-school. He loves it there also. He continues to be the joy of my life–what a personality on that kid. Everyone at the Ala Moana Vim N’ Vigor get so excited when he goes to visit. “Daniel! Daniel!” They just love him too.

Okay, now the real reason why you are here. Today’s show was with Dr. William Wong. Dr. Wong is our sytemic enzyme, hormone balancing expert. I loved today’s show because I think so many people will benefit from the information he shared. He discusses the use of ezymes in cancer treatments. He talked about fibrocystic breast disease and of how any cyst whether it be on the ovaries, in the breast or in the kidneys are all due to estrogen dominance. In today’s show Dr. Wong shares his “recipe” for anyone concerned about cysts, endometriosis, prostate cancer, breast cancer and hair loss. He talks about the importance of lowering estrogen in all of our bodies–even men need to realize that they have excess estrogen which can easily turn into diyhydrotestosterone a bad form of testosterone that can cause hair loss.

Dr. Wong recommends DIM, Progesterone Creams, and Vitalzyme to address all the issues above. In addition, men with prostate cancer concerns should be taking zinc and a non-soy based vitamin E.

Saliva tests for hormone checks are available at Vim N’ Vigor Ala Moana.

Enjoy the show, it is worth taking notes on this one!


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Diabetes and the use of systemic enzymes for neuropathy with Dr. William Wong

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Good Morning HealthSmart listeners,

well, before I give a synopsis of today’s program I know you are all dying to hear about how my pregnancy is going. Last night at about 2:30am I woke up and started packing my hospital bag because I thought I was going into labor. Debated whether to wake my husband and let him “suffer” by my side, but decided to let him sleep until the last minute so he wouldn’t be grumpy the next day. Good thing I didn’t wake him because the turkey is still basting. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that he won’t be coming out until he’s 40 weeks which is next week Friday. And really, why would he come out early? God designed a healthy pregnancy to last 40 weeks (ever notice God has a thing with that number 40?) so I’ll just try and enjoy the last 2 weeks of pregnancy that I will ever experience in my life (most likely).

In today’s program with Dr. Wong, we started out talking about hormones. The importance of progesterone, why he doesn’t like estrogen, how men go through their form of menopause called “andropause”, and what we can do to make the “change of life” easier for both men and women. It had nothing to do with enzymes, but Dr.Wong is a “hormone expert” and I thought it was important for us to get a refresher course in natural hormone therapy. Of course, being the supplement store that likes to brag about having the most up to date nutritional products, Vim N’ Vigor is proud to carry the supplements he mentioned on our shelves.

The second part of the program dealt with Vitalzym systemic enzymes and diabetes. I can’t remember how we got on the subject of diabetes, but considering there are so many people who either have diabetes or are borderline diabetecs, and the fact that the number of cases of diabetes grow each year, and are starting in younger adults and children, this is a very important topic.

Dr. Wong and I talked about why diabetes is such a devastating disease. Amputations, blindness, erectile dysfunction, kidney failure which leads to dialysis, are a few of the biggies. Can diabetes be reversed? Common belief was that it cannot. In today’s program Dr. Wong believes it now can, and he will tell you why and how. At this point, to be able to manage your diabetes is a great pluse, and the use of systemic ezymes to open up those capillaries and let circulation occur is a huge part of it. Dr. Wong discusses this topic in an easy to understand manner today.

There are many, many benefits to using systemic enzymes, we cover a few today, plus offer a special price for listeners, so be sure to find the discount mentioned in the program, and ask Fudge, Yolanda, or Daniel over at the Vim N’ Vigor store to honor it for you. Tell them Sherrie said you could :)

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