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An incredible new silver called Silvix3 as recommended by Dr. Bob Martin

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Helllooo HealthSmart listeners,

Many of you who have been listening to the program for a while know that I am a huge fan of colloidal silver. In my personal experience for me, my family, and my customers at Vim N’ Vigor it has become my somewhat of a “catch-all” for any type of cold or flu that comes up. I love it because not only is it inclusive for bacterias, viruses and I believe even fungi, it is safe and easy to use because it is virtually tasteless–can be used anywhere (I’ve used it for ear infections in my kids and topically for cuts with no stinging effect).

In today’s program, Dr. Bob Martin, shares with us his number one choice for silver. It is a special type of silver that uses nano technology to derive the silver. His silver of choice is called Silvix3. Now, as I admit in the program, the whole nano technology process goes way over my level of comprehension, and it is my trust in Dr. Bob and his expertise that has convinced me to use Silvix3 as my choice for silver as well.

Dr. Bob recommends a microbacterial detox for all adults, and he explains why this is important and how to do it using the Silvix3. So listen, learn and enjoy this wonderful man’s advice, and come into Vim N’ Vigor to start your microbial cleanse.

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