Digestion, Digestion, Digestion….with Dr. Daenell a friend of Enzymatic Therapy

Every so often I am given a radio guest from one of our sponsors and when interviewing them I think to myself, “Man I wish this person practiced in Hawaii”.  Today was one of them.  Dr. Daenell is a Naturopathic physician calling in to us from Denver and she was a wonderful educator. 

She spoke on digestion and the importance of allowing the nutrients in our foods to be effectively broken down so they can get to our cells and provide energy for daily living.  Also, the importance of digestion and it’s role in allowing waste products to exit our bodies…after all, rotting, fermenting, recyling toxins is not a pretty sight.

The core of our immune sytems and neurological pathways starts with digestion and if we are not having at least one good formed, easy to pass bowel movement a day, trouble is right around the corner.  If you are experiencing nausea, gas, bloating and the obvious colon disorders like chron’s, IBS, colitis…listen to today’s program.

Products discussed from Enzymatic Therapy:

A.  Digestive enzymes–

1. Complete Gest:  for vegetarians and someone on a high plant fiber diet

2.  Megazyme:  High dose Enzyme for non-vegetarians

3.  Acid Ease:  Digestive Enzymes for persons with ulcers. It does not contain Protease which can aggravate the ulcers.

4. Gluten Defense:  A wonderful new enzyme to help those with gluten intolerances on the occasion of accidently eating something containing gluten.

Also discussed:

Probiotic Pearls, DGL ultra for reflux, indigestion, mouth ulcers, and The Whole Body Cleanse.

Happy tummies to you!



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