Stuart Tomc on the Biology of Belief—a must listen program!

I just love having Stuart on my program…. I bet in a previous life (not that I believe in previous lives…only eternal life) he was an actor, because this man is soooo entertaining.  Without even having to see him, this guy can educate, inspire and entertain at the same time….you must listen to this program.

That being said, I am only going to say this, “The environment we live in, our thoughts, faith, and food choices dictates our health not genetics”.  Feed the cell membranes which we are now considering the brain of the cell, not the nucleus, enough of the good omega 3 fatty acids (Nordic Naturals) and decrease Omega-6 consumption to allow our cell membranes to be soft and pliable which allows nutrients in and waste products out.

Anxiety and depression needs more EPA…2-4 grams per day.

70% of all deaths are directly connected to deficiency or imbalance of fats.

Happy listening.


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