Dr. K on Leptitrim—effective, and cost effective as well.

April 8th, 2009

G’day HealthSmart listeners,

Today Dr. Kleinsmith goes over the various weight loss food plans that cost a lot of money and are not typically successful at long term weight loss.  With the Lepti-trim system, our taste buds are “re-learning” to desire the healthier foods, and turn away the high sugar, high bad fats.

Listen to this program only if you are interested in either losing some body fat, and/or gaining lean muscles.  The Lepti-Trim system will also help those who are looking to retain, or regain muscle mass for better shaped bodies, and more energy to complete every day tasks.


Homeopathy…safe, effective and easy to use. A “cure for what ails you”

April 7th, 2009

Hello my one healthsmart reader :)

Booyyyy, was I THRILLED when one of our wonderful customers told me she reads my blogs and listened to one of the shows and took the advice of the guest….it makes my hours of writing these things almost worth it….if only I had 2 regular readers, than that would be worth it!

Today’s program was with David Gerhardt from King Bio, the company that manufactures, in a pharmaceutical grade facility, over 200 different homeopathic remedies.  Vim N’ Vigor does not carry all 200 remedies, but we do have a flyer that lists them all, and we can easily order any of them for you.

Homeopathy is an excellent way to address childhood health concerns like fevers, allergies, bug bites, tummy aches….and adults who do not want to swallow anymore pills will love these effective, tasteless sprays.  I, personally, have used the jet lag/shift change and bug away with excellent results.

By the way, when you hear Tiny Tadani come on, close your ears as he gets a little racy for my PG rated program :)



Sherrie and family are on VA-CAY!!!

April 6th, 2009

From March 18-March 30 my family and I went to California to visit Fred’s mom, and to take the kiddies to all those dang theme parks.  I could write down all the program tapes we played for each day I was away, but truth be told, I’m too lazy and who really looks at my blog anyways Hee hee.

But if anyone is reading we had a good time….as good a time as one can with a million other spring breakers doing the same park rotations as us.  The best part about it was just being able to hang with my sister and brother and their families and I’m sure when we look back at the pictures we’ll have fun memories.  I’m kinda wishing we just stayed home and cleaned the house and used that money for some floor rugs and curtains.  At least we’d have something to show for our precious time away from work besides memories and the 5 pounds of body fat I gained from eating In N’ Out burgers 3 times while there and a Krispy Kreme….or 2.

I’ll be back on schedule with a lot of new shows starting April 7.

time to go work off the Krispy Kremes.



Chef Sharynne talks about the benefits of eating raw.

April 2nd, 2009

In today’s program we had a wonderfully passionate woman talk about her life changing decision to eat mostly raw foods.  This is a program worth listening to as it may inspire you to skip a cooked meal or two. I did attend the class and it was wonderful…what I could listen to in between chasing around my children, and the foods she prepared were yummy.

Keep looking back here to see when she’ll be back!


Fun Nasal washings to address asthma, allergies, and a nose full of other health problems.

March 17th, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s day HealthSmart listeners,

to represent the “green” day, we decided to talk about boogers.  Actually it just happened that way  just like it so happens that the pediatrician who designed the NasoPure Nasal Wash System’s name is Dr. Hana…..as in Hana butter, which in Hawaii means “nose butter” or boogers.  hee hee….love it!!!

So I learned from Dr. Hana that the nose is the body’s personal filter and that nasal issues are the most common reason to go to the doctor.  When a bacteria or a virus enters the nasal cavity, the common cold can start, a flu, or sinusities.  A congested nose can lead to asthma, congestion, post nasal drip and pneumonia.  So by washing out the nasal cavitiy on a daily basis, many ”sick days” may be prevented.

Snoring, breathing problems, and ones sense of taste and smell are also affected by less than desirable nasal inhabitants.

You can visit the Ala Moana Vim N’ Vigor store and see a video demonstration of how the NasoPure works, it’s so easy even a 2 year old can do it.  Always remember to use the pharmaceutical grade, special buffered, isotonic salt that kills bacteria, virus’, and fungus, otherwise plain water will just cause more congestion.

Happy snortings,